Pim Stevens
Former Customer Service Manager, Export & Customs
As HEINEKEN, we aim to achieve an entirely carbon neutral supply chain by 2040.”
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“Portbase helps us ship huge volumes around the world in an efficient and streamlined way.”

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HEINEKEN and Portbase have a strong relationship in terms of streamlining Heineken’s logistics processes. HEINEKEN brews over 17.5 million hectolitres of beer each year for customers across the world. They ship this in some seventy thousand containers, with fifty thousand being transported via the Port of Rotterdam to a hundred and fifty countries across the world.

Portbase helps Heineken improve information exchange with its logistics partners and increase its supply chain efficiency. According to Pim Stevens, Heineken’s former Customer Service Manager, Export and Customs, Portbase helps them achieve more reliable logistics. ‘Portbase facilitates our fully automated communications with both the Port of Rotterdam and with customs.’
Future challenges and ambitions
HEINEKEN aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2040 both in its own production processes as well as throughout the entire logistics chain. It recognises the important role that Portbase can play in achieving these ambitious goals.

When supply chain disruptions occur it is increasingly important to know where containers and products are and be able to share this information real time with customers. Portbase plays a key role in helping Heineken map these logistics processes even better.

HEINEKEN has an ambitious digitalisation and automation agenda and aims to be the ‘best connected brewer’. Although the HEINEKEN customs team is relatively small, a combination of applications as well as MID and MED enables them to make large volumes of customs declarations.
Pim Stevens
Former Customer Service Manager, Export & Customs
Notification Import Documentation and Notification Export Documentation
With the Notification Import Documentation and Notification Export Documentation, it’s very easy to pre-notify all customs documentation for import and export for deep sea, short sea and ferry terminals.

This is even mandatory for a large number of terminals and you have no access without pre-notification. There is only one entry point for all pre-notifications and, in most cases, this eliminates the need for paper documentation at the terminal.

You also receive immediate feedback as to whether the pre-notification has been received correctly.
This reduces the handling process at the terminal, which keeps your business moving even faster.
Notification Import Documentation
Notification Export Documentation