Nature's Pride

Rogier Rook
Logistics Manager - Nature's Pride
“Portbase helps us optimise processes in the Port of Rotterdam.”
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One source that streamlines logistics services.

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When it was established in 2001, Nature’s Pride had a clear ambition: to supply the tastiest exotic fruit and vegetables to consumers. Since then, the company has expanded to five hundred employees and they are now one of Europe’s biggest fruit and vegetable importers.

Nature’s Pride Logistics Manager, Rogier Rook is involved in these logistic challenges every day and knows how vital it is to work in one system. ‘Within the port, there are so many different terminals and systems that provide you with information. Portbase ensures that we work with just one source so we can further streamline our operations.’
The next step in port logistics
The continued development of Cargo Controller provides more control over cargo, enabling faster and more efficient operations and facilitating even more growth.
Rogier Rook
Logistics Manager, Nature's Pride
Cargo Controller
Cargo Controller makes the switch from having information to having control over your cargo. Its built-in track & trace functionality provides direct insight on your cargo and the vessels that are expected in the port.

Whether you are a forwarder, shipper, carrier or shipbroker, Cargo Controller enables close monitoring of incoming cargo. The service then enables you to take immediate and appropriate follow-up actions, such as initiating follow-up customs procedures. It gives you real control over your cargo. Everyone can work faster, smarter and more efficiently.
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