Karlien Brolsma
Former Managing Director - CTVrede Amsterdam
"‘Using the Portbase digital network enables us to move our cargo across the world with ease’"
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The entire logistics chain is not only in continuous movement, it’s also complex and involves many regulations.

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CTVrede Amsterdam connects storage and transhipment, water transport and road transport to ensure reliable and efficient transport methods.

Our strategically located inland terminals provide a daily sustainable connection between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. Using the Port Community System enables CTVrede Amsterdam to offer customers a full service throughout the entire logistics process.

Karlien Brolsma, forme CTVrede Amsterdam’s General Director is delighted as this ensures that everything is entirely in sync. Portbase enables us to exchange data between port authorities and shippers in a standardised format.
The digitized process also drastically reduces the risk of error
Standardized digital data exchange has also removed the complexity from the chain and helps us with the notification of our inland waterway transport barges.

This drastically reduces the risk of error. And as everything connects seamlessly, we can work even faster, smarter and more efficiently.
Karlien Brolsma
Former Managing Director, CTVrede Amsterdam
Hinterland Container Notification
Hinterland Container Notification is the multi-modal pre-notification portal for pre-notification of calls and containers at sea terminals, inland terminals and depots.

This applies to the hinterland modalities of barge, rail and truck. You can check the status of a port call and of containers at a glance via one portal and a uniform working method that applies to all terminals and depots.
Hinterland Container Notification