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Kees Groeneveld
Managing Director - Euro Nordic Logistics BV
“Portbase is an important facilitator for us in communicating and coordinating with many parties”
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Coordinate with everything and everyone, but without giving too much information to your competitors.

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Few players operate with so many parties in the port as Euro Nordic. The company focuses on the entire logistics chain, from warehousing to scheduled services and from agencies to chartering. As Managing Director, Kees Groeneveld knows all about what communication and particularly sharing data, means for efficiency. As he says himself: ‘All data that arrive in the system improve predictability.’

Of course we don’t want to give competitors any more information than strictly needed, which is why the Portbase digital infrastructure handles commercial information and personal data with extreme care.
Reliable and secure information exchange
Cyber security is a key issue for the future of port logistics. As well as securing and protecting data entered by various parties to prevent information ending up in the wrong hands, the platform itself also needs protection.

Increasing criminality is an issue that is putting pressure on the position of Dutch ports. It is also a trend that we must prevent at all costs, which is partly why Portbase established the ‘Secure Data-Sharing’ program.
Kees Groeneveld
CEO, Euro Nordic Logistics B.V.
Secure Data Sharing
This program involves Portbase working with the Port of Rotterdam Authority, the Port of Amsterdam Authority, sector organisations and government agencies on a reliable exchange of information between the various players in Dutch ports.

This chain-wide approach focuses on the three key issues of secure identification, secure chains and a secure platform, and enables us to take concrete steps towards making ports more secure.
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